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People try to put us down (Talkin’ ’bout my generation)

I have embedded my very first podcast in my blog today.  In this podcast, I am talking about how I feel about the music industry and my attitudes towards downloading music and copyright laws.  I have referenced the following authors/articles:

Ian Condry:

Cultures of Music PiracyPeople use commercial means when there is some value in doing so. The idea that inconvenience or fear of copy-right cops is going to help make legitimate services look more attractive is possible, but it ignores the more important part of the equation: Why do people want music in the first place?”

“…even if the sharing of a CD with a friend ‘isn’t so bad’, it doesn’t explain why people feel justified in sharing their music collections with potentially millions of strangers. “

Tom McCourt (and P. Burkart):

When Creators, Corporations, and Consumers Collide  “These music recordings are owned by the companies that finance and market them, not by the artist whose name appears on them.”

I chose the Condry passages because he brings us back to the most important question: Why do we care about/want music? We live in such a backwards society dominated by money, and I feel like talking about popular culture makes me forget that I am above all, a creator and appreciator of music and that should always come first.

I chose the McCourt and Burkart passage because I have heard way too many times in my life, “Oh, well I buy music the legal way because it is only fair to the musician.” Well this is true in some cases, I hope everyone understands that the artists are not the corporations.  Most artists today are just a pawn in the market, being bought and used for profit.  How much of the industry is really about the music?

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